Administered by the American College of Radiology



IROC Subcommittees

Research Subcommittee Focus:  To determine, prioritize, and provide support for IROC research activities associated with the its five core services. These activities include evaluating the impact of clinical trial QA on trial outcomes, enhancing QA services and data collection processes, and reporting IROC’s QA results.

Information Technology (IT) Subcommittee Focus: To provide core IT support and infrastructure development for data submission, validation, workflow management, data archive, remote application, and the IROC Web site. In addition, this subcommittee participates in developing imaging and radiation oncology data standards. The ACR IROC IT group, along with the local IT support from each QA Center, forms the virtual IROC IT team.

Service Standards Subcommittee Focus: To ensure appropriateness, compatibility, efficiency, and consistency across the QA Centers; develop new or revised standard operating procedures for core service processes; and develop QA procedures to address new National Clinical Trials Network (NCTN) trials or innovative imaging and radiation oncology clinical trial research.

NCTN Relations Subcommittee Focus: To function as the contact point for all IROC interaction with NCTN groups and trial programs, as well as with international trial groups (eg, European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer, Global Harmonization QA group, and International Atomic Energy Agency). Additionally, this steering committee ensures comparable QA activities at all participating sites and promote IROC services to the imaging and RT communities.