Administered by the American College of Radiology



Imaging Credentialing Services

IROC seeks to enable National Clinical Trials Network sites to use imaging in the most efficacious manner, without jeopardizing the quality of imaging end points or patient accrual. For example, IROC will use manufacturer-based and ACR-supported phantoms to credential equipment and coordinate rapid distribution of any study-specific phantoms required.

  • Through the use of established template language, protocols will include exact specifications for imaging requirements, such as:

    • Contrast agents/tracer handling
    • Patient scheduling and preparation
    • Imaging acquisition parameters (vendor-specific settings will be provided as required)
    • Postprocessing management of imaging data
    • Image upload and transfer to IROC imaging QA Centers

In addition to scanner credentialing, IROC will develop methods for virtual testing of imaging site software and reader capabilities, and envisions the expansion of credentialing to include viewing workstations.