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For questions about QA services, please see the contact information for each of the IROC Quality Assurance Centers shown below. For comments, suggestions, or issues with the IROC website, please send us information via the form found on the Web Support page 

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   IROC Houston  713-745-8989 /  713-745-1364
 IROC Ohio  614-293-2929 /  614-293-9275  To be posted.
 IROC Philadelphia-  Diagnostic Imaging (DI)  215-940‐8820 /  215-923-1737

 To be posted.
 IROC Philadelphia-     Radiation Therapy (RT)  215-574-3219 /  215-923-1737  irocphila-rt@acr.orgLink
 IROC Rhode Island  401-753-7600 /  401-753-7601 
 IROC St. Louis  314-747-5415 /  314-747-5423