Designing A Protocol?

How to Get Started

IROC offers decades of expertise to help NCTN Lead Protocol Organizations (LPOs) and Principal Investigators (PIs) develop new protocols from concept to activation. The IROC team assists LPOs and PIs throughout the entire protocol development process, focusing on Radiation Therapy (RT) and imaging credentialing, dosimetry planning and review, image acquisition compliance, Quality Assurance (QA), and general Data Management.


Transfer of Images and Data

TRIAD (Transfer of Images and Data) is an application that provides secure, efficient, and robust transmission of medical images and related electronic data. Developed and maintained by the American College of Radiology (ACR) with a focus on user-friendliness, TRIAD supports the exchange of electronic images and data for the multi-center clinical trials and other clinical research projects.



Answers to frequently asked questions

My institution is new to imaging and/or radiotherapy NCI-sponsored clinical trials. How do I get started?

Learn you how your institution can become qualified to participate by reading our Site Qualification page.

Where can I find assistance with submitting data in TRIAD?

Visit the TRIAD support page.

The protocol says I must submit a study-specific form. Where do I find the correct form?

Could be further guidance under forms with links to DDSI or links to studies that use RT-1, Motion Management forms, etc.

I am a CRA working to enroll a patient who may/will radiation at another facility. How do I get started?

Contact a medical physicist at the radiation oncology facility to learn whether the facility is already credentialed. If the facility is new to imaging/radiation NCI-sponsored clinicals, they may learn more about site qualification.

Contouring Atlases, Templates & Tools

Visit the NRG Oncology Center for Innovation in Radiation Oncology to learn more about contouring atlases, templates and tools.