Data Management

Expedited data reporting to research sites enables critical feedback about study performance.

IROC’s data management service develops uniform processes to ensure that complete and correct images and data are received from research sites and to validate the sites’ adherence to protocol specifications. Case review is accomplished through a combination of automated evaluation and assessment by imaging and RT specialists.

Expedited reporting of data to research sites provides critical feedback about case-specific and overall study performance, as well as about sites’ performance across multiple studies and NCTN groups. Data reported to trial leadership helps identify performance trends and serves to aid in planning and implementing site-specific or trial-wide interventions.

Additionally, the archived images and links to case data offer tremendous potential for post hoc analysis. IROC can retrieve and package archived data for scientific analysis, specialized reporting, and other NCTN-supported endeavors.

Diagnostic Imaging (DI) and Radiation Therapy (RT) Data Management

  • DICOM and DICOM RT Plan
  • Digital DICOM and DICOM RT Plan Data Submission is submitted via TRIAD for NCTN Trials.


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