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Designing A Protocol?

IROC offers decades of expertise to help NCTN Lead Protocol Organizations (LPOs) and Principal Investigators (PIs) develop new protocols from concept to activation. The IROC team assists LPOs and PIs throughout the entire protocol development process, focusing on Radiation Therapy (RT) and imaging credentialing, dosimetry planning and review, image acquisition compliance, Quality Assurance (QA), and general Data Management.

IROC supports the clinical trial design process by ensuring the RT and Imaging sections of the protocol meet current quality standards for radiotherapy and radiology. This support includes, but is not limited to, verifying standardized nomenclature for RT objects, defining dose volume analysis parameters and compliance for RT delivery, and use of appropriate imaging modalities and acquisition techniques for the protocol.

IROC will work with each protocol development team using the NCTN LPO standard guidelines for protocol development and ensure the recommended RT/Imaging QA standards for site qualification, credentialing, case reviews, and data management are included.

If you are a PI designing a protocol, please consult with IROC early in the development stage to ensure the protocol includes necessary and accurate information. 


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