Site Qualification

IROC leverages the collective knowledge and experience of its quality assurance specialists.

Site qualification serves as a precursor to trial-specific credentialing through the establishment of contacts between IROC QA centers and participating research sites, with an emphasis on minimizing administrative burden. For example, a comprehensive database of facility-specific information, such as key personnel, imaging and radiotherapy (RT) equipment, and qualification steps completed, facilitates the efficient tracking of site qualification status.

IROC qualifies the full range of imaging and radiation oncology modalities at sites participating in NCI-sponsored research to provide them with the resources and capabilities needed for successful clinical trial participation. Through the site qualification process, incompatibilities in imaging or RT equipment performance or calibration will be identified and corrected before a site opens a trial with specific imaging or RT requirements.

Imaging Site Qualification Components

  • Basic cross-sectional modalities
  • Advanced imaging morphologic, functional, and molecular techniques


Radiation Therapy Site Qualification Components

  • Web-based verification of a site’s reference beam output
  • On-site and web-based treatment planning dosimetry data verification
  • Approval of proton radiation therapy centers for participation in NCI-funded trials